Is Koh Samui Island worth your investment?

When it comes to property investment, there are many reasons why you should consider Koh Samui as your ideal location.  Koh Samui is the second largest island in the region after Phuket and is widely known as a top tourist attraction in Thailand.  Koh Samui is located in an ideal location with plenty of water, good infrastructure and as you may already know, the island is also a natural beauty! Besides, Koh Samui has an international airport that services more than one million visitors every year.

The people who have already invested in the island will tell you that Koh Samui is one of the few islands that have a tropical lifestyle combined with western luxury. In the past few years, Koh Samui has not only been a tourist hub, but it also been able to attract investors from Asia, Britain and the United States.  Koh Samui is the second largest business resort, almost overtaking Phuket which takes the first position. Some people who visit the island are usually attracted by its impeccable beauty and decide to stay. This is the reason why Koh Samui consists of both the locals and people from other parts of the world. The island also has state-of-the-art facilities like hotels, international hospitals and schools.  There are also markets where both international and local products are sold. When looking for Property for sale Samui, a lot of them are available in the ideal location making it easier to access these facilities.  Its strategic position makes it easier for buyers from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other parts in Asia to access the island.

The real estate market

The real estate market in Samui has been experiencing tremendous growth in the recent past, thanks to the high number of people who invest in Koh Samui property.  The real estate market is also expected to grow by up to 10% in the year 2020. This qualifies Koh Samui as one of the top investment destinations in Thailand. Another reason why property in Koh Samui has been on high demand recently is its affordability. Actually, most property for sale Samui is cheaper compared to those available in Phuket and Hong Kong.  And besides being affordable, they are also located in ideal locations where you can live and work in. when comparing real estate property in Koh Samui and Hong Kong or even Singapore,   you will realize that there is a bigger value in Koh Samui property. Property value in the island is also expected to increase in the future. This means that if you invest in Koh Samui real estate today, you can always be guaranteed of a good return of investment.

To get the most out of your real estate investment, the location of your property also matter s a great deal. Luckily, most properties for sale in Koh Samui are situated in ideal locations. The best places to own property are especially on the north eastern part of Koh Samui. The fisherman’s village and the international airport are both located in this region. Besides, there are plenty of beautiful beaches here and once you buy property in the north east, you will be lucky enough to look at the amazing view of the ocean every day. Beaches in this area attract plenty of tourists every year. You can get a good property for sale in this region with very minimal effort.  Once you get a reputable real estate agent in Koh Samui, you can be able to get a property that suits your preferences and at the best price too.