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Prices of private pool villas in Phuket is worth a look

Phuket is widely accepted as the forerunner in Asia as an island resort haven and villas available for sale here are compatible with those of the carribean or mediterranean, albeit with better prices.

Real estate prices are experiencing

a temporary standstill and as the government approves a Special Tourist Visa (STV) scheme to bolster inbound travel into the kingdom, the market may soon shift gears and move towards a gradual recovery.

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The Phuket villa market

is highly attractive as a long term investment or retirement vacation or second home for all budgets. The island city is supported by world class infrastructure including leisure and amenities conveniently merging western luxury with Asian tropical lifestyle, all available at your doorstep.

Everyone has been affected somehow or the other with this pandemic, and yet there are punters looking to score on a good deal that is too difficult to refuse.

Phuket developers

Here in Phuket, developers are starting to offer stunning bespoke off plan private pool villas at alluring promotional prices and in addition to that the banks have dropped their rates thus posing as a perfect investment opportunity given the current circumstances.

For an off-plan 2 bedroom pool villa, you are looking to pay about 8 million THB and upwards of 9 million THB for a 3 bedroom pool villa and going up to a minimum of 16 million THB for a 4 bedroom pool villa

The average price per square meter for a property for sale on the island of Phuket

 is 113,169 THB per square meter, which is 2% above the average price per square meter in Thailand that is 111,359 THB per square meter.

Phuket usually welcomes about 9 million tourists per year with the first quarter of 2020 registering sales of 163 condominiums units and 87 villas, signifying a steady trend in property investments on the island. The numbers are forecasted to increase remarkably once recovery brings in more tourists.

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