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Our Services

Whatever You Need –You Can Trust KASA

KASA’s huge range of comprehensive real estate services are designed to help you through every step of your journey towards owning a beautiful, luxury property on stunning Koh Samui.

KASA has been helping individuals and investors find perfect properties on Koh Samui for several years. The vast experience of our property experts, plus our outstanding level of customer service, means that whether you’re looking for a new home or the right investment opportunity, you can trust KASA to take care of you throughout the whole purchasing journey.
KASA provides the ultimate property buying experience
At KASA, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate property buying experience. – KASA’s comprehensive services are based on an exact understanding of what our customers require. From sourcing, design, procurement, construction and after-sales care; count on KASA to deliver reliable advice and expert solutions.
KASA's experts answer any questions you might have
The following is a snapshot of KASA’s services. For a more detailed analysis of what we offer, our dedicated property experts can answer any questions you might have.


Do you require more information about a new project? Please contact one of our expert advisers today.

Purchasing Services
  • Sourcing and Viewing Property – Knowledgeable sales agents can provide the latest information about Koh Samui’s property market and have exclusive access to the best land and locations on the island
  • Design and Construction – Helping you to select the perfect design and finishing materials, as well as focus on the required interior package for your property
  • Project Management Updates – KASA provides regular updates on the overall progress of your development project, with the latest information from our highly skilled construction engineers
Administration Services
  • Legal Due Diligence – Choosing the right Thai lawyer, translation of all relevant documents and information, visa guidance and helping you to understand the exact rules related to foreign property ownership
  • Financial Management – Organization of all relevant banking matters, and assisting with the requirements related to establishing your Thai private limited company
  • Local and National Statutes – Helping you to fully understand and abide by all construction, land and local authority regulations
After-Sales and Additional Services
  • Rental and Amenities Management – Our chosen partners offer reliable and experienced rental management services, as well as comprehensive amenities coverage
  • Property Support – KASA provides various warranty arrangements on our completed development projects. We also offer dedicated on-site assistance for emergency issues
  • Portfolio and Resale Management – For investors looking to expand their property portfolio, we offer an extensive management program. KASA will also take care of all resale needs and re-investment guidance
  • Company Investment Opportunities – We are always keen to speak with parties interested in becoming investment partners
For more detailed information on all of the services KASA provides, please contact our dedicated property experts

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Do you have a question for our team of property experts?


Do you have a question for our team of property experts?


Do you have a question for our team of property experts?

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